exercises Benefits of Rhythmic Exercises  (Improves flexibility, Strength etc)

Benefits of Rhythmic Exercises (Improves flexibility, Strength etc) | Body Fitness and Health

Rhythmic exercises aims to enhance physical fitness through dance, A person can improve flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, cardiovascular fitness and body awareness through movement.A person can have fun, learn to dance to Folk music, Pop music, Western and E music while becoming trim and fit.

Rhythmic exercises can reduce stress and tension, coordinate the movement pattern and gives the benefit of aerobic breathing exercises.

Rhythmic exercises serve as a combination of dance and gymnastic to some extent. These are Performed in large groups. Mass rhythmic activities are an excellent form of physical activities for people of every age. Mostly Developmental in nature, their major objective is to develop motor qualities, improve body posture, develop unity,and uniformity in movement and create a sense of rhythm and co-ordination.

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