physical wellness1 8 Components of Wellness and Health

Components of Wellness | Body Fitness and health

Following are the components of wellness:

Physical Wellness: It concentrates on getting in shape, shedding extra pounds, rejuvenate body with healthy eating, restful sleep, vigorous exercise and a new look. In order to attain physical wellness, person must jog, swim, play games and sports, spent time daily outdoor breathing in fresh air, do yard work etc.

social wellness 8 Components of Wellness and Health

Social Wellness : It focus to improve social and communication skill of an individual. In order to promote social wellness, a person must create a positive and lasting first impression, be distinguished, earn respect, speak in public, articulate your thoughts, make others fell important, visit neighbours and friend etc.

emotional wellness 8 Components of Wellness and Health

Emotional Wellness : It aims to get more out of every day with laughter and enjoyment, to reduce stress. In order to promote emotional wellness, a person must avoid overload, watch comedy films, lighted up and learn to laugh, distance onself from drama and chaos, seek the help of therapist (if needed), take an anger and stress management activities etc.

Spiritual Wellness : It emphasizes on spiritual renewal and inner peace. to promote spiritual wellness, a person must be true to him/her self , build character, virtues, create a life of order and do meditation, perform prayer, faiths, learning and give respect to religion.

nutrition wellness 8 Components of Wellness and Health

Nutritional Wellness : It focus to achieve maximum energy levels through healthy eating. In order to attain nutritional wellness, an individual must reduce fat,eat more raw fruits and vegetables, eat less fried food, learn new recipes, serve healthy food at home, eliminate junk food, drink plenty of sugar free liquids or juice.

Relationship wellness : It focus on recapture the spark and zeal of personal relationships. In order to promote relationship wellness, a person must laugh, love, live, fix a special meal, dress up for no particular reason, be patient, give bear hugs, go out on a date once a week etc.

financial wellness 8 Components of Wellness and Health

Financial Wellness : It focus on people to establish financial bonds. In order to foster financial wellness a person must create money management goals, spend less money, get out of debt, set up saving plan, donate some savings to a charity, shop garage sales and on-line auctions.

Personal Wellness : It emphasizes to enrich personal life of an individual through growth and change. In order to accomplish this aim, a person must see a fashion consultant to keep himself/herself update, whiten teeth, lose weight, polish shoes, get a new piece of jewelry, clean bedroom and other living spaces, prevent injuries and observe safety.

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