benefits of cycling Importance and Benefits of Cycling

Importance and Benefits of Cycling | Body Fitness and Health

Cycling is rated second only to running among popular forms of exercise as a well-rounded means of staying fit and health. Fitness can be developed by cycling if it is regularly done.  It provides good exercise to whole the body.

Cycling is deemed a terrific way to development cardio-respiratory endurance, of developing muscular endurance and strength. It helps in reducing the risk of heart problems. For heavy weight people it helps in weight loss and making body fit. It is one of the best exercise for the patients of diabetes. Cycling also helps in reducing tension, stress and depression of a person.

Cycling received low grades only in Flexibility category, lacking the kind if twisting, turning, and stretching of sports such as swimming or tennis.

It is an aerobic exercise for the maintenance and development of physical fitness. It has become very popular all of the world. Group of cycling with friends or with family, besides developing physical fitness also provides fun and enjoyment. Cycling should be avoided on busy and crowded roads.  Cycling may be done on sundays and holidays when traffic on the road is less. Long distance cycling in the country side may be preffered. It deveopesstrenght endurance.  Cycling gives you all the benefits of jogging and swimming and helps in building stamina. the aerobic capability of the individual. The speed should be maintained and controlled properly according to traffic and surface etc. It is significant for developing

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